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Sizemore Heating And Cooling located in Midway, KY has been installing and replacing gas furnaces since 2013.

If you are building a new home or replacing a gas furnace we are here to help you. Choosing the right furnace is important.

We talk to you and look at your application to figure out what works for you. We can help you choose the right unit and make sure it not only works for your job but also your budget. We have years of experience helping homeowners like you choose the right gas furnace for the job!

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Furnace repair is a call away with Sizemore Heating & Cooling

We Feature AirEase Gas Furnaces

AirEase gas furnaces offer a wide arrange of products and has a unit that will fit your needs. Most new furnaces are more efficient than the old furnaces you are used to. Furnace technology is only getting better and AirEase is at the forefront.

AirEase gas furnaces have efficiencies up to 97% AFUE. High efficiency means not only are you saving the environment, you are saving money. Not only are the newer furnaces more efficient they are also more comfortable and quieter. Want to learn more about what gas furnace is right for you?

Why Use AirEase Pro Series Gas Furnaces?

  • ProSeries Comfort Sync®: AirEase offers Comfort Sync® technology allowing you to control your homes heating and cooling environment from an Apple or Android app.
  • Efficiency: AirEase A97MV Pro Series™ are up to 97% efficient saving you money.
  • Modulating Operation: AirEase A97MV Pro Series Modulating furnaces are different than traditional single stage furnaces. Single stage is either full power 100% output until it meets demand or off. Gas furnaces with modulation vary their output to operate more efficiently AirEase pro units are modulating. The AirEase pro units are not only more efficient but more comfortable too.
  • AirEase Two Stage Gas Furnaces: AirEase Pro Series™ offers two stage gas furnaces the A926V and A802V. Two stage gas furnaces are just that; they have 2 stages, one stage to offer comfortable heating temperatures all year round, and a second stage for when you really need it and its really cold outside using 100% of its output rating to heat your home rapidly. Two stage gas furnaces keep your home more comfortable.

Pro Series™

A97MV AirEase Furnace
  • Efficiency AFUE:   97%
  • Combustion Type:  Modulating 40% to 100%
  • Controls:  Comfort Sync®
  • Blower Motor:  Variable

Pro Series™

A962V AirEase Furnace
  • Efficiency AFUE:   96%
  • Combustion Type:  2-Stage 65% or 100%
  • Controls:  Comfort Sync®
  • Blower Motor:  Variable

Pro Series™

A802V AirEase Furnace
  • Efficiency AFUE:   80%
  • Combustion Type:  2-Stage 65% or 100%
  • Controls:  Comfort Sync®
  • Blower Motor:  Variable


A951E AirEase Furnace
  • Efficiency AFUE:   95%
  • Combustion Type:  100% on only
  • Controls:  24 Volt
  • Blower Motor:  Constant Torque

Since 2013 Sizemore Heating and Cooling has been helping homeowners in Frankfort, KY with their gas furnace needs. We stand by all of our work and offer a 10 year Parts - 10 Years Labor warranty on all AirEase gas furnace installations. Have a question about heating and cooling in Kentucky? Ask us. We are the experts.

Staying Warm in Franklin County Kentucky

Not only do we install gas furnaces we also service gas furnaces. We are your Franklin County, KY gas furnace experts. We take pride in our work and our community. Winter's in Kentucky can be cold. With the average low of 20 °F in the winter months. Sizemore Heating And Cooling's job is to keep our neighbors warm. We know how to heat your home. With a properly sized and installed gas furnace you will be comfortable all winter long and a bonus is that you will save money!

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Some of the features of all AirEase Gas Furnaces

  • Patented EHX Technology
  • Variable Speed Motors
  • AirEase Pro Series up to 97% AFUE
  • Quiet Combustion Technology
  • Comfort Sync smart thermostats
  • Single Stage or Multistage Performance
  • Condensation

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